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  • Electrical System

There are a few basic things the homeowner should be aware of and examine occasionally.  Locate and tag the location of the electrical main turnoff for the house.  All adult occupants should know this location.  Trip circuit breaker every 6 months and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI's) every month.  Check the condition of lamp cords, extension cords and plugs.  It's a good idea to test outlets near water for the proper polarity and grounding.  Most hardware stores carry inexpensive testers.  If fuses blow or breakers trip frequently, have a licensed electrician determine the cause.

It is recommended that GFCI's be installed where outside outlets exist and for outlets within 6 feet of water.  Outlets for sump pumps, refrigerators, and washing machines should not have a GFCI, as the surges from these motors will trip the breaker.

It's a good idea to mark each breaker or fuse in the main panel, naming the outlet and switches they control.

Electrical Safety Rules
  • Never work with or near electricity when hands or feet are damp
  • Never remove service panel covers.
  • Avoid using extension cords whenever possible.
  • Never replace blown fuses with larger fuses.
  • When in doubt, call a licensed electrician

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